Super Cleaning The NASTIEST Smoker's Car I've Ever Seen! | INSANE Transformation of a Honda Accord!

4. des.. 2020
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This Honda Accord was the NASTIEST smoker's car I've ever seen and was an absolute DISASTER! Complete with everything but the kitchen sink, the transformation this 18 year old car makes is truly magical and the owner thought so too!
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  • LOVED seeing the owner so happy with how the car turned out! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Have a great weekend!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek2 måneder siden
    • Do you use a soap solution in your bucket too? Or just use the foam as the soap?

      Joe McJoe Mc27 dager siden

      AwakeNING QuestionssAwakeNING QuestionssMåned siden
    • Attention grabber

      Raheem MccallumRaheem MccallumMåned siden
    • Why doesn't anyone ever add headliner cleaning. I hate that part, it's so delicate.

      ChadChadMåned siden
    • Yo, Detail Geek, I'm a smoker and the amount of residual smell after detailing depends a lot on the brands additives, tobacco strain pungency, and how often a car is smoked in, air flow, ashing location, etc. After using an extractor on my floor board and a steam cleaner for doors and headboard my family (no children) could hardly smell anything. It was a lot of fun learning how to detail, too haha

      Casey WülfsholmeCasey Wülfsholme2 måneder siden
  • Super talented!!!!

    James BJames BDag siden
  • fun fact: the owner lives in that car

    Connor UrieConnor UrieDag siden
  • I have learned so much by watching your videos. My car is always in great shape, but it’s even better now! And I love how you treat a pretty old car just as you would one that’s only a few years old. You obviously had very happy customers!

    T KT KDag siden
  • My Parents had a 2000 Accord EX/Leather/V6 most cleans car ever

    Benjamin LeeretBenjamin Leeret2 dager siden
  • How do you plan your schedule or estimate times for cars like these?

    ChefNumNumzChefNumNumz2 dager siden
  • Im a smoker but, smoking in a car is gross imo. I mean smoking is gross in general, but never will i smoke in my house or car

    suk madiksuk madik2 dager siden
  • I'm just wondering. How much can this kind of detail work cost?

    Podcasty s BohémomPodcasty s Bohémom6 dager siden
  • How did you get where the clearcoat had peeled off so nice and shiny with no marks?

    Roseanne KingRoseanne King6 dager siden
  • The fact that you take the time to put sealant on a car with clear coat failure speaks volumes about how you do business and your personal morals. Great job as always!!

    Phillip ChapmanPhillip Chapman6 dager siden
  • These videos can be oddly satisfying but no other detailer on NOtown can even compare as far as the video quality along with the way the end results come out. I’d also like to give props for the way you give a voiceover instead of trying to actually talk during the video or stop and show products when you can just say the names in the voiceover 🤦🏽‍♂️😂💯💯

  • How can someone leave their car like this 😫 😷😷 ..... my baby is spotless

    Natt M.Natt M.8 dager siden
  • I love this guy I just found this channel and he’s also cute 🥰

    Andy WestAndy West9 dager siden
  • Something about old beater cars when they're clean that makes them charming. I had an old civic that I treated like a baby, but the underside rusted out and it wasn't safe to drive in the winter

    Gordon SlamsayGordon Slamsay10 dager siden
  • "Looks new" wtf!!! HAHAHAHAHha

    Richard DiazRichard Diaz10 dager siden
  • Have you ever injured yourself on the job before like accidently burning yourself with the steamer or sonething like that? Just curious.

    grandma cletusgrandma cletus11 dager siden
  • Hey. I’ve been watching your videos for about a month now - I’m wondering why you never clean the pedals before you clean the carpets instead of after? Is there a reason for that? Or is it just the order you prefer?

    Ashley SaultAshley Sault11 dager siden
  • I’m pretty sure that was snuff chewed snuff in the cup holder

    Amber SpencerAmber Spencer13 dager siden
  • at 15:04 anyone else see a face in the top right of the middle seat or just me?

    Abbi SmithAbbi Smith13 dager siden
  • Not me wanting him to dump a whole bunch of stuff on seats and do a video of hime deep cleaning the whole seats

    Abbi SmithAbbi Smith13 dager siden
  • Dude actually stuck around for a reaction. 😂😷 Basically letting everyone know how much of a filth bag he is.

    Mick DovveMick Dovve13 dager siden
  • And this is why I tell my girlfriend no smoking in my Jeep.

    Jesse MctJesse Mct14 dager siden
  • For some reason I read that as Big Smoke's car LOL

    LeroyLeroy14 dager siden
  • Just had the best laugh of my life from this video. Thank you for making it. Long story short my husband mispronounced a word and we went in a laughing saga for about an hour

    Ab& BabiesAb& Babies16 dager siden
  • so basically: never smoke

    Gregory SandsGregory Sands16 dager siden
  • Do they know they're signing up for a roast when they drop their cars off? lol

    Jazz LJazz L16 dager siden
  • it is the owner's behaviour that needs a transformation before the car....the car is like a germ infestation ground and lung cancer factory.

    J LawJ Law17 dager siden
  • One of the weirdest music videos I've ever seen but I'm into it

    SolarWindsSolarWinds17 dager siden
  • I especially love seeing the results on these older "economy" cars. (Weird to think that 2002 was almost 20 years ago.) It feels extra nice seeing them get the same love and attention as a shiny new BMW or whatever and just how much life is still in them.

    Miles CorporosusMiles Corporosus17 dager siden
  • Enjoyed the editing to the music in the after shots and as always great job on the car.

    Shirley DeveauxShirley Deveaux17 dager siden
  • car owner going to see that title and hopefully reevaluate their life.

    Greg DGreg D17 dager siden
  • Can you show the headrest next time.

    O D’QuickO D’Quick18 dager siden
  • Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars to detail such a piece of junk? That car should be in the dump.

    Ronald ClintonRonald Clinton18 dager siden
  • Why don't you show cleaning the trunk or do you not?

    Seabass0071Seabass007118 dager siden
  • You should have just set that car on fire. You’ll never get the smoke smell out.

    David ADavid A18 dager siden
  • Some of these cars are almost unbelievably dirty, but another takeaway I get from these vids is that Canadian winters are BRUTAL to these cars.

    bigwilly43729bigwilly4372918 dager siden
  • Bro wow it's so bad car

    my level is more than yo mamas rent 7my level is more than yo mamas rent 719 dager siden
  • Do you clean headliners?

    Tyral JonesTyral Jones19 dager siden
  • How much do you charge for clean the car like that

    Joe ChinoJoe Chino20 dager siden
  • Another excellent job, excellent video. What do you use to apply the shampoo?

    oldenbaldoldenbald20 dager siden
  • i can straight up smell that water :| shout out to all the poor tech's working in dealerships doing recalls and having to work on cars that are that nasty....... ive replaced seat tracks and airbags in cars that bad.

    sean hsean h21 dag siden
  • Feeling whole body itchy by looking at it, can’t believe someone can still drive it .🤢

    Sim AnsonSim Anson21 dag siden
  • See. You can polish a turd.

    WiggyWiggy22 dager siden
  • So you made it look good when it gets crushed by the hydraulic press on the junkyard?

    GAMMA FahrzeugeGAMMA Fahrzeuge23 dager siden
  • Whats the point of that ash tray 😅

    Connor ZambranoConnor Zambrano23 dager siden
  • Loved the guitar at the end!

    Sapphire JungreisSapphire Jungreis23 dager siden
  • A $500 detail on a $500 car lol!

    M UM U23 dager siden
  • I can only image what the person who owns this car looks like..

    M LM L23 dager siden
  • Hard to imagine someone not having the self esteem to take an hour of their day and clean up the trash. Yes I know it took a pro 11 hours but it’s amazing what a garbage bag, vacuum and bucket of water can do. Yes their home looks the same. Embarrassing. Too busy playing video games and watching TV.

    LGLG24 dager siden
  • And the next day the owner with a huge smile on his face, proud of his car, drives his two kids to school, meanwhile smoking his ass off 🚬 with them sitting in the backseat. ☠️☠️

    tsmeman63tsmeman6325 dager siden
  • What is their house like 🤮

    Sam KerrSam Kerr25 dager siden
  • You do some of the most incredible transformations I have seen

    Larry ThompsonLarry Thompson26 dager siden
  • Красавчик)

    Соня Tv 56Соня Tv 5626 dager siden
  • just give it a week... it will be back to its normal state lol

    Sleep TimeSleep Time26 dager siden
  • I though you couldn’t clean smoker cars, the tobacco gets stuck into the leather I’ve been told?

    TeafuseTeafuse26 dager siden
  • I have a 2002 Honda Civic and the clear coat is exactly the same. I guess it was a bad year for paint jobs lol.

    Ready BreadyReady Bready26 dager siden
  • Why are you always bashing smokers?

    Kurt BeckerKurt Becker27 dager siden
  • yo if you need an editor or anything so your swipes and everything are on the drops hit me up ill do it for free just tag me, message me and we can talk.

    kevin kurtuskevin kurtus28 dager siden
  • have you ever reported someone for having something in the car they shouldn't, like drugs, body parts?

    jingle jazzjingle jazz29 dager siden
  • Where does he get these cars from?

    Aneeqah AdamsAneeqah Adams29 dager siden
  • Never buy a smokers car

    Arik SArik S29 dager siden
  • Some people seem that they are confused of what a garbage can is and what a personal car is. I wonder if their homes are as bad as those cars ?!?

    Eduard UngureanuEduard UngureanuMåned siden
  • This car should be detailed with a flamethrower

    Vlad IvanovVlad IvanovMåned siden
  • It always entertains me how most of the cars he details are daily drivers, but at the end, he does this montage like they're sports cars.

    Jackson DeFordJackson DeFordMåned siden
  • Puttin lipstick on a pig

    Jackson HawkinsJackson HawkinsMåned siden
  • How long does a car normally take you

    RS MysteriousRS MysteriousMåned siden
  • Is Subaru all that common around those parts. Here they are because they are AWD and typically pretty versatile.

    SRybly TotsSRybly TotsMåned siden
  • why oh why does any one let their car get into that state, its embarrassing

    steve Csteve CMåned siden
  • That poor steamer has been through so much

    Choco RoseChoco RoseMåned siden
  • Alright, I understand when people forget about the garbage below their seats, or the occasional McDonalds bag or children's toys on the passanger seat. But how can you leave a LAMP in the back seat when you give your car away for cleaning? The audacity of these people is just mind blowing.

    D.D.Måned siden
  • 28:41 Love how the inner Canadian always comes out at the end, eh?

    J U RJ U RMåned siden
  • Not buying from Amazon!🤬

    Luv TrumpLuv TrumpMåned siden
  • Can anyone tell me what pressure to use on a pressure washer to spray a car and also how do you remove front seats from a van?? Thanks

    Kristin FrancisKristin FrancisMåned siden
  • how much would you charge for a detail like this?

    Muffin EstrellaMuffin EstrellaMåned siden
  • So where the clear coat is coming off do you just go about it like it’s not their

    kadethesexy 4692kadethesexy 4692Måned siden
  • Can’t imagine what their house looks like

    Jay ManJay ManMåned siden
  • My God ... Love your arm and hand 😂.. bless you DG 😘😘

    Dian TriastutiDian TriastutiMåned siden
  • Some of these people make me wonder.. some of these cars have soooo much trash

    Ryan TRyan TMåned siden
  • i get its clickbatey and important to describe the cars like you do so people click on the vid but also quite unprofessional at the same time

    kadykadyMåned siden
  • Hey DK, how many farts do you think is trapped inside that seat?

    eli lieli liMåned siden
  • Is there anything this guy can’t do? He’s a trained accountant, plays multiple instruments, owns his own business, works bloody hard, plays multiple sports, works out... 🤩

    Lucie LouLucie LouMåned siden
  • im gonna have you clean my car and I'm gonna stuff it with furniture lol

    Jose ZamoraJose ZamoraMåned siden
  • Hey, how are you? I hope you and your family are doing well. I was wondering how often you have to empty and refill the Bissell per car? I know it all depends on how much solution you use, but the typical car. Thank you for making these videos and stay safe.

    Ronnie MollRonnie MollMåned siden
  • I wonder how nasty and gross his house must look 🤢🤮

    Naadiiyah ChannelNaadiiyah ChannelMåned siden
  • How do you keep your Apple watch still on while cleaning? I would be dead getting some brown stain on it from someones nasty ass car

    Fanny Nordqvist AndersFanny Nordqvist AndersMåned siden
  • A video idea is a compilation of extracting the dirtiest carpets and seats

    HannahHannahMåned siden
  • Being a non smoker I wouldn’t take on a smokers car if I ran my own car wash business .

    Kenneth HumeKenneth HumeMåned siden
  • dude I really hope he tells them to keep it that dirty for the video. Imagine taking a car in like this without taking 5 minutes to clean up the trash first.

    M.SorrentiM.SorrentiMåned siden
  • These guys most likely bought this car from an auction/repo establishment and just needed it detailed so they can flip it for a profit. There is very little chance that they would pay for an extensive detail/cleaning on a car with excessive wear and tear, oxidization, non painted front bumper etc for any other purpose. It's definitely for sale.

    OS10100OS10100Måned siden
  • Do a video where you do your usual car cleaning, but instead of dumping the water from the extractor, let it sit out in the sun for a couple days and have the water evaporate out so we can see the actual raw dirt and grime removed in clumped up solid form

    MasonMasonMåned siden
  • Another satisfied customer.

    Dl MDl MMåned siden
  • So, its six weeks later and they should have got the car nice and 'comfy' again by now?

    cerfvolant11cerfvolant11Måned siden
  • As a smoker, I make sure to detail my car once a week so this doesn’t happen

    NaomiNaomiMåned siden
  • WOW. If I see a tiny piece of debris laying in my car I get a bit peeved. I can't wrap my head around this type of uncleanliness. Phenomenal work!

    MrOrangeGrassMrOrangeGrassMåned siden
  • *Not knowing you were Canadian* "Pro-cess" Me: Canadian? "Stealing even *one* penny is theft" Me: Ok definitely Canadian

    Roberto JaimesRoberto JaimesMåned siden
  • Here I Am Thinking My Car Needs A Clean Then Remembering That The 12 Year Old Me Doesn’t Have A Car 😐🙁

    bailey hancebailey hanceMåned siden
  • There are 96 links in the description lol!

    Amanda RuthAmanda RuthMåned siden
  • every time i pressure wash my rims it affects my brake sensors any advice on how to prevent this

    donovan glisson 2022donovan glisson 2022Måned siden
  • ive used a half dozen different detailers over the years and all of them do a half assed job... what kind of cleaning package is this?

    ripshot2222ripshot2222Måned siden
  • owner of the vehicle see's the title like: "mbruh."

    abbey kendraabbey kendraMåned siden