Super Cleaning The NASTIEST Car I've Ever Seen! | INSANE Bio-Hazard Detailing Transformation!!

22. jan.. 2021
2 012 537 Ganger

This Pontiac G5 was the NASTIEST and most disgusting car I've ever seen! Not only was it full of garbage and cigarette butts, but I also found needles, and some items of a more intimate nature....the transformation this bio-hazard car made was absolutely incredible!
#disasterdetail #cardetailing #carcleaning
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  • Well that was one heck of a transformation! The car is ready for a new life now! 😄 Condoms, needles and lacy guesses on the previous owner’s occupation/lifestyle?? 🤔 🤣

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekMåned siden
    • What pressure(power) washer do you use.

      Aiden HunemullerAiden HunemullerTime siden
    • I bet we can also guess what the previous ower did with the money from the sale... probably only even sold the car to pay for their habit.

      Shashin MasutaShashin Masuta10 timer siden
    • Won’t it be better to do interior then exterior

      Huzaifa FNHuzaifa FN20 timer siden
    • 😅😅

      Tifanny VitoriaTifanny Vitoria2 dager siden
    • S3x b0mb

      Epic gamerEpic gamer4 dager siden
  • Oh my

    Mak LowderMak Lowder16 minutter siden
  • Imagine the previous owner comes across this vid and tries to buy it back from the current owner lol

    RobertoRoberto31 minutt siden
  • Bio-hazard is correct. Ik it was full of MRSA & Hepatitis ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY&Z! Filth!

    Debrah RichardsonDebrah Richardson5 timer siden
  • Got the ride so clean, the junkies probably want it back

    WorkFleauxWorkFleaux6 timer siden
  • Y’all rockin with all that crystal on the floor 👀

    SalutationsSalutations8 timer siden
  • Let's all take a minute to appreciate how handsome this man is 😊

    Anthony SagigiAnthony Sagigi10 timer siden
  • it's only 9 mins in and he's done with the outside....... uh oh

    DeanTheDreamerDeanTheDreamer13 timer siden
  • She brought the car for $400. Who sales a car for that low of price😮 not to mention the pointy things on the floor (can’t say what it is because I’ll get deleted AGAIN). We all know who her the car

    Other YouTube Is Deleted So Here Iam 2.0Other YouTube Is Deleted So Here Iam 2.014 timer siden
  • I love detailing vehicles, it can be exhausting work if you dont have all the equipment, but its always rewarding for you and the customer to see the after results

    Craig HoosierCraig Hoosier15 timer siden
  • How did it smell ??

    EliteGamer14EliteGamer1416 timer siden
  • this car has seen some things, but hopefully now it's seeing better days

    Emma WilsonEmma Wilson16 timer siden
  • Everybody: Looking at him clean the car Me: I wanna know how the hell he did that intro in that disgusting car-

    branson gibsonbranson gibson17 timer siden
  • That car should be investigated 😫😫😫

    Jaydan SmithJaydan Smith17 timer siden
  • They better paid you like a lot for that cause Lordy I can only know what it smell of that car not only how it looks 🤮🥴🤢

    Jaydan SmithJaydan Smith17 timer siden
  • How the fuck does this happen. It doesn’t even take that much time to clean a car, and if you do it a little, at a consistent pace, it’ll never get this bad. The poor girl that bought this, lol. Hopefully the mess was the only problem with this thing. Edit: Well, after seeing those needles, the previous owner had bigger fish to fry rather than concern themselves with cleaning, LOL.

    BeatriceBeatrice18 timer siden
  • I’m curious on the mileage. Like even though it’s clean now, was it worth it?

    Fabiola VillanuevaFabiola Villanueva22 timer siden
  • I would be ashamed to even bring that in to you, would at least spend 10 minutes at the carwash cleaning out all the trash. Shudder to think the state of the person who owned it.

    Quick BenQuick Ben22 timer siden
  • Dang he’s cute lol..I wonder if you treat your girls as well as you treat cars 🤔🥰

    L WebsterL Webster22 timer siden
  • Wtf 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Big Mo/1000Big Mo/100023 timer siden
  • I think my computer got a virus watching this video.

    Phillip JenningsPhillip Jennings23 timer siden
  • a garbage can with wheels

    Erick GErick G23 timer siden
  • Surely, this car will hunt.🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️💀🥶

    Nirmal TamangNirmal TamangDag siden
  • Client: Why are you charging me so much? He: Do check out my NOtown channel. You will know.🤮😂😂

    Nirmal TamangNirmal TamangDag siden
  • I can smell the cigarette smoke through the screen 🤢🤢🤢🤮

    rochelle weemsrochelle weemsDag siden
  • After I saw the lube packets and condom wrappers I would’ve just burned the car

    NatalieNatalieDag siden
  • Some of you oughta be embarrassed of yourselves. Can't imagine taking my mess, like that, and paying someone else to clean it up for me. Pigs.

    Austin BronsonAustin BronsonDag siden

    Anthelion GamingAnthelion GamingDag siden
  • This is truly the worst car ever so far. Sadly it looks like a will need to spend some more money for cosmetic repairs in the drovers area

    HaveMindWillWanderHaveMindWillWanderDag siden
  • What would a detail like that cost?

    Custom Southern ArmsCustom Southern ArmsDag siden
  • Why would the owner think “hmm where should I put out my cigarette? Ah! I know I’ll put it out on the gear shifter and melt it in the process!”

    Beau PhillipsBeau PhillipsDag siden
  • If this is what the inside looked like, I wonder what the oil in the engine looked like.......................can you say original?

    Dave CarrDave CarrDag siden
  • This car definitely deserved a better home I’m happy that cars like this can have another owner that wont destroy the car Over time

    Darkz XpDarkz XpDag siden
  • That beat is hard at the end 😂

    Shaneei boi. crazy momentsShaneei boi. crazy momentsDag siden
  • Nice set up you got there man. First time viewing your channel. 👍🏼

    Chris OrnelasChris OrnelasDag siden
  • Someone needs to call ghost adventures on this car its got some demons

    Lupina OceanLupina OceanDag siden
  • Ahhhh yess caress those sexy curves

    Avery BowserAvery BowserDag siden
  • ”Yeah ummm.. i just bought this from someone else 😇” Suuuuure There should be some kind of prison time served for letting a car go like this

    MattMattDag siden

    J BoJ BoDag siden
  • Dude you really need a respirator when doing these cars

    Jordan EdlinJordan EdlinDag siden
  • I think that car saw a lot of ice in winter and summer.

    OutdoorsOutdoorsDag siden
  • My father used to own a car wash and I have seen nasty cars but this..... 🤮

    Nando RNando RDag siden
  • I just dont understand how someone can stand to literally drive a car sitting in their own trash. I couldn't drive it even after it was clean

    Katie HobbsKatie HobbsDag siden
  • This car is a rolling meth wagon

    xNoobModderxFTWxNoobModderxFTWDag siden
  • That “snow” was definitely an exploded diaper

    Realeigh WyrickRealeigh WyrickDag siden
  • Why would you leave the old dealer sticker on, and yet paint the floor boards?

    CJ JohnsonCJ JohnsonDag siden
  • Detail probably cost more then she paid for car 😂

    Anthony Del ValleAnthony Del ValleDag siden
  • El COVID se muere en ese carro !!!!🤣🤣🤣

    Christian MedellinChristian MedellinDag siden
  • El camión de la basura está más limpio que ese auto !!!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Christian MedellinChristian MedellinDag siden
  • Bro, put on a respirator.

    Christine WallaceChristine WallaceDag siden
  • ... there is not enough cleaning and disinfecting in the world, to ever make me feel comfortable sitting in that car lol. wow. Excellent work, as always!!

    LBLBDag siden
  • She bought the car for $400? Looks like she got it off a drug addict

    Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp2 dager siden
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Tifanny VitoriaTifanny Vitoria2 dager siden
  • Every video - "This is one of the nastiest cars I've ever seen"

    Melvin MartinMelvin Martin2 dager siden
    • Not true at all if you actually took a minute to read my titles.

      The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekDag siden
  • This was so satisfying but 13 hours damn, you earned a sub nonetheless.

    the flashthe flash2 dager siden
  • i know the previous owner of this car was probabely a drug addict but how on earth does a uesd SHAMPOO BOTTLE end up in your car???? Like are you living in it???

    I don’t knowI don’t know2 dager siden
  • the audacity of the previous owner to sell the car in that condition to the current owner is so bizarre

    AsiaaaaAsiaaaa2 dager siden
  • i really feel bad for the new owner

    firefairyfirefairy2 dager siden
  • nooo

    firefairyfirefairy2 dager siden
  • i rreally dont understand people like this how can you even set in there w all these garbage

    firefairyfirefairy2 dager siden
  • If the car looks like that just imagine what there house looks like 😷😳

    no use for a nameno use for a name2 dager siden
  • dude how tf do people let their cars get to this point... how was this car sold looking like that also, am i the only one here who thought that blue stuff might now be glass? idk, after seeing the needles, i thought that blue stuff might be meth

    Alyssa AgbayaniAlyssa Agbayani2 dager siden
  • Op

    Daniel TrinhDaniel Trinh2 dager siden
  • He did the best he could

    Ian MacLellanIan MacLellan2 dager siden
  • Heroine needles or insulin? Yikes

    James SkuggedalJames Skuggedal2 dager siden
  • How do people do this to their car🤮

    Joey StewartJoey Stewart2 dager siden
  • Que sexie este chico limpiando el auto en cámara lenta!!! Saludos desde Uruguay

    mary barreramary barrera2 dager siden
  • Ok... is it just me or.... did this part 07:10 seem kind of sexy. 😏

    Maria .A.Maria .A.2 dager siden
  • The real question is where are you located and when can I get my disgusting car a transformation? 🥲

    AunyamaneeAunyamanee2 dager siden
  • You do this in one day??? Amazing !

    BIG SIS TALK with BriBIG SIS TALK with Bri2 dager siden
  • I think there were probably a few DNA samples in that car

    mark alexandermark alexander2 dager siden
  • My car is my baby. He gets the BEST care. He just got a new transmission, new Catalytic converter, the fuel transmission cleaned, and a new Bluetooth radio will be going in soon. (I bought him used)

    Rebecca OdellRebecca Odell2 dager siden
  • can we just agree his editing just keeps getting better and better

    Janine MJanine M2 dager siden
  • The car belonged to a drug dealer. what a mess. Great video. As always.

    Daniel Valdez GonzalezDaniel Valdez Gonzalez2 dager siden
  • I don't even want to know what the brown stain on the backseat is...not to mention the white ones😕

    Fabian BernardFabian Bernard2 dager siden
  • Omg

    mirella mendozamirella mendoza2 dager siden
  • How the f did you clean that

    mirella mendozamirella mendoza2 dager siden
  • Been in worse. Buddy used to have a hotbox van in his yard that had a dead transmission. Million times worse

    Samantha MarieSamantha Marie2 dager siden
  • The owner thought putting fire on the shifter would add horsepower to the car

    John Simon MedenillaJohn Simon Medenilla2 dager siden
  • Do you think this is how rich people imagine used cars 😂

    musicamormusicamor3 dager siden
  • If Courtney Love was reborn as car interior......

    Tom ThornTom Thorn3 dager siden
  • Literally an ash cup costs $1 at dollar tree.

    Maria SalinasMaria Salinas3 dager siden
  • No wonder she was able to get this for $400 😭😭

    Maria SalinasMaria Salinas3 dager siden
  • Whats up with the wall vacuum? Neat idea!!

    Myron VeneroMyron Venero3 dager siden
  • I spotted a druggie bag too! Looks like she had a passenger shoot up drugs and then they threw it under her seat without her knowing. YIKES! Addiction is not a lifestyle btw. It’s addiction. Plain and simple.

    Chiquita GoneBananazChiquita GoneBananaz3 dager siden
  • Hell yeah $400 for a car that I’m sure has little mileage! What a steal! I’m sure they sold it cheap because they didnt feel like cleaning it. Good for the new owner.

    Chiquita GoneBananazChiquita GoneBananaz3 dager siden
  • Mike Eats Bread

    Matthew DingusMatthew Dingus3 dager siden
  • I wonder the number of laws that have been broken in this car... haha

    whispersbymadisonwhispersbymadison3 dager siden
  • oml so disgustang!

    KingMasterMUfasaKingMasterMUfasa3 dager siden
  • The filthhh🤢🤢

    Nicole SalazarNicole Salazar3 dager siden
  • Is there a reason you clean under the car so thoroughly? 3 block drive and it'll be filthy again right? On top of that no one can see it. So why do it? Honestly curious.

    Legendoflaw21007 WhittleLegendoflaw21007 Whittle3 dager siden
  • So what would you charge for something like this? Asking for a friend

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson3 dager siden
  • My Husband is a mechanic so we have gotten several vehicles from impound auctions. I have seen pretty darn nasty cars.

    cogit8ablecogit8able3 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that think this but, when you see people’s cars like this, do you ever wonder what their house looks like? 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Jeremy SaldiviaJeremy Saldivia3 dager siden
  • Song at 18:25 please?????!!!!

    Stayniel HerbaynStayniel Herbayn3 dager siden
  • Anyone else like to watch these and make up stories about the owners? This man was clearly a her*in addicted pimp-

    2 Many Bugs2 Many Bugs3 dager siden
  • You know, sometimes I absolutely despise my room and then I go watch these videos and I'm grateful I dont live in the cars' owner's house

    Ozzy the LORDOzzy the LORD3 dager siden
  • Is this what they call your local crack heads vehicle with all the dirty needles rubbers and nasty ass pantys?

    Nathan HejnyNathan Hejny3 dager siden
  • Poor car, no car deserves to be that dirty

    Dorifto Kun!Dorifto Kun!3 dager siden
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Think i saw blood

    Marvel LoverMarvel Lover3 dager siden