Super Cleaning a DISASTER Kia Forte! | First Wash and Clean in Years Nasty Detailing TRANSFORMATION!

20. nov.. 2020
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This Kia hadn't been washed or cleaned once and was all kinds of NASTY! From all the snow, moldy food and cheetos, to the disgusting carpets and storage bins, this car was a complete disaster!
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Tornador -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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  • Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Just be glad you couldn’t smell it 🤣😷 BLACK FRIDAY SALE starts now!! Check it out 👉🏻

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek3 måneder siden
    • I can't believe that the people who did this filth were human

      Dw. 24Dw. 242 måneder siden
    • Üüğüççç ç

      Samet MGSamet MG2 måneder siden
    • Question: do you spray everything before using the steamer? I see some stuff being sprayed but I’m just curious to know if you do it all the time

      Miracle RiveraMiracle Rivera2 måneder siden
    • Aye dude can u list the song artists and the names in a reply? They are catchy-

      ThesmasherBoi.mp4ThesmasherBoi.mp42 måneder siden
    • Where did you get them shoes?

      Iain TurnbullIain Turnbull2 måneder siden
  • These help me sleep 🙂🙂

    Sarry BrodenSarry Broden23 timer siden
  • they need to make a bisel with a bigger tip to vacuum up more product

    Camila E.Camila E.3 dager siden
  • Wow, 86,000 miles. I have a '17 Forte, and I baby my car. It only has 23,500. I clean it every two weeks and wax it every three months. Yeah I'm very OCD with all of my belongings.

    Horror Nerd13Horror Nerd133 dager siden
  • This car was pretty dirty, alright. However, I have watched a video about a detailing (not sure on which channel) where there were literally MAGGOTS under the seats and floormats. This was so gross, I almost threw up. I haven’t watched every video on this channel, so I wonder: Has it ever occurred that there were maggots found in a car?

    Markus WernliMarkus Wernli3 dager siden
  • Sir there is a car in your dirt ..

    ThefakezoroThefakezoro7 dager siden
  • great job on the Kia. Looks brand new. thanks for the video.

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  • lazy parenting. spoiled kids...

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  • He does clean both sides of the car mats for anyone who was wondering. I used to wonder too even though I’m sure he did

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  • What's the temperature of the water you use in pressure washer. Love the way it chops off thosrr ice chunks

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  • Even the gas door! I never considered getting my car detailed, but now I just might. I keep a clean car, but I need it to be THIS clean.

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  • Hats off for this man good work buddy 👍👍 car looks neat and clean and such a dirtiest car vehicle owner is very bad.

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  • I could never understand how someone is comfortable enough to put their child in that mess. I know the child probably did some of that ,but that didn’t happen in one day.

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  • No way I would be surrounded by that women. If that was the car, guess her house or even herself 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Abel BrownAbel Brown26 dager siden
  • And here I thought MY 2016 Kia Forte was "dirty." I saw this and wanted to puke. Personally if I can see a few strands of dead grass or a little bit of dirt on my floor mats my OCD kicks in and I'll go to the car wash. I also, recently, invested in a Katzkin leather kit and just got it all installed yesterday by a coworker who did it for years in his last job. It's like a brand new car, having full leather interior. Plus having the car totally paid for, I'm planning to drive it until the wheels fall off.

    jester9jester926 dager siden
  • How can people let become their car so dirty? Are these interiors real? 😖 Great Job!

    Benjamin MemmertBenjamin Memmert26 dager siden
  • Jesus loves you

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  • I work at a dealership for 22 years and something like this, would be expected in 12 minutes.

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