Super Cleaning a DISASTER Dog Destroyed Ford Edge! | CRAZY Disaster Detail Transformation

16. okt.. 2020
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This Ford Edge was a complete DISASTER after wet, muddy dogs destroyed the inside, so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and transform this Edge!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Boar’s Hair -
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Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Rupes Polisher -
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  • That’s the second time now I’ve found a moldy Timbit in a vehicle with dogs...apparently they don’t like the plain ones 🤣 Be sure to check out Detail Geek Auto Care on Instagram for sneak peeks of the first few products and to stay up to date on the launch!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek4 måneder siden
    • What is a timbit?

      claire dooleyclaire dooley6 dager siden
    • You can launch anything on my handsome 💞💋🥰

      Chase RiderChase Rider17 dager siden
    • @T Sell he uses a new one every time he needs one

      Tyler WagnerTyler WagnerMåned siden
    • @Da Cheet Thank you!

      Diana WilliamsDiana Williams2 måneder siden
    • @Diana Williams A donut hole

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  • I have a 2008 Ford Edge, say less, I wish I had leather seats

    Angelina BennettAngelina Bennett17 timer siden
  • The subsequent history surely realise because garage consquentially saw circa a incompetent view. capable, muddled circulation

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  • Pantara....really...LOL.

    philmiller99philmiller998 dager siden
  • Foam bath!!!

    wendy brennanwendy brennan9 dager siden
  • What the heck is someone thinking letting a car get this disgusting. They cant pick up junk and throw it away. Or vaccum up anything ??

    CAYMAN987CAYMAN98710 dager siden
  • It is really satisfying to see these cars getting shiny again...but, imagine the owners of these cars getting the cars back and after a few weeks or months everything looks the same as before. As they would be small children. Mum and dad clean up, they cause mess again..... for the detail geek a never ending source of work... ;-)

    Michael SchönMichael Schön11 dager siden
  • Come on. Touch up that nick on the driver’s door.

    Bill TagliaBill Taglia11 dager siden
  • I always wonder why the DG doesn’t clean the pedals before the carpets are cleaned.

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  • New subscriber! Do you give the change you find to the owners or do they let you keep it? You do AMAZING transformations on vehicles! So satisfying to see the before and after shots!

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  • Why does he take off the license plates on each vehicle?

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  • PIZZA -vegetable oil- -pizza sauce- -pepperoni- -mozzarella cheese- -toppings- ----------------------------------- -fish fillets- -lemon juice- -1 lemon- yeast [ ] -sauce- [ ] spinach

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  • 303 Aerospace: *I put that sh*t on everything*

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  • What a gorgeous result! I’ll bet the owner passed out when they saw it.

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  • I was more interested to see you take that whole carpet out after taking out seats. It would be amazing to see that.

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  • Thats one ugly interior! All grey! Terrible

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  • Like new.

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  • What do you charge for a detail?

    Edward WrightEdward WrightMåned siden
  • I know you can't get round to everything but were you not tempted to take that main piece of carpet up and get everything underneath? By god it would be dirty but so satisfying to see cleaned up. Good work as ever. These videos help me sleep.

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  • Poor doggo. Glad the pup could finally get his car clean!

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