SUPER Cleaning a Big Dirty HUMMER! | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Disaster Detail Transformation!

7. aug.. 2020
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This Hummer H3 had some NASTY and colourful carpets, a nasty headliner and an engine bay that hadn't been cleaned for 13 years! Enjoy my satisfying and relaxing process to SUPER CLEAN this disaster detail Hummer!
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Tornador -
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Microfiber Towels -
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  • Now those were some colourful extractions! Hope you enjoyed seeing the owner’s reaction in this one!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek6 måneder siden
    • @Charlie Ray is ‘mm

      SkoottaSkootta9 dager siden
    • @Andre Duracell That's amazing! 32 hours?! My goodness. This made me happy

      Lauren SchuesslerLauren SchuesslerMåned siden
    • @Joseph Ambriz It'll take around 2-5 hours for them to fully dry, less depending on how hot it is outside, how much water was used, etc. Always keep the doors open and I think he has a heater he uses on the seats.

      Lauren SchuesslerLauren SchuesslerMåned siden
    • I know you were upset about that blue stain but the carpet looked really good! *Pat pat*

      Lauren SchuesslerLauren SchuesslerMåned siden
    • Maaaaan that was excellent work I like it especially the engine wash that was awesome By the way what's the name of the song you play please

      Paul GonzalesPaul Gonzales2 måneder siden
  • The highlighter ink extraction 🤤

    TheIcyWulfTheIcyWulf15 timer siden
  • I always loved an Hummer, I am really trying not to vision this ess☺️so God Bless your magic, I have no worries because you are amazing, and Blessed.

    Laura StevensonLaura StevensonDag siden
  • She had the best reaction of any of your customers I've seen. She truly seemed very happy and appreciative. Great work brother!!

    Ritchie SmithRitchie Smith4 dager siden
    • Thanks man!

      The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekDag siden
  • That’s a lot of wows.

    Bill TagliaBill Taglia5 dager siden
  • Man, my dad would have whipped our asses if we left a car like that. Now I keep my cars clean, inside and out.

    KarenKaren5 dager siden
  • Hi, do you charge the customers for the cleanup and if yes, approx charges

    Nikhil PantNikhil Pant7 dager siden
  • I love customer reactions✌🤘🤞💖

    Omid KhaleghiOmid Khaleghi7 dager siden
  • Ngl not only the Hummer looks good. The Owner too. 😏

    Tommaso SiriguTommaso Sirigu9 dager siden
  • Should let people know be careful using a steamer on a headliner since you can melt the glue that holds it in place and cause it to sag or or come undone. Hopefully nobody has done that. Do a quick pass on it.

    everardo Meverardo M11 dager siden
  • Song at 5:00 pleaseeee

    Rafi SiddiquiRafi Siddiqui12 dager siden
  • Bet they were happy getting all that change back lol

    Who CaresWho Cares12 dager siden
  • That was one of the best transformations. You are amazing

    John JeJohn Je13 dager siden
  • I never see you clean the underside of the floor matts. What is up with that?

    Jerry FJerry F14 dager siden
  • This lady must be an expat. The first reaction I’ve seen on his channel that _expressed_ their thankfulness and amazement at what a fabulous job Mitch does. 😂

    SynergyPhoenixSynergyPhoenix15 dager siden
  • Legend has it, that blue stain still haunts Mitch‘s dreams.

    SynergyPhoenixSynergyPhoenix15 dager siden
  • That engine transformation is spectacular! 😍😍

    SynergyPhoenixSynergyPhoenix15 dager siden
  • Doesnt the pressure washer remove paint?

    El_COMPA_ DIDISEl_COMPA_ DIDIS16 dager siden
  • Imagine he forgot to plug the battery back in😂

    El_COMPA_ DIDISEl_COMPA_ DIDIS16 dager siden
  • For those of you who don’t know that hummer has the same in-line six engine that’s in the 2005 trailblazer

    James PirtleJames Pirtle17 dager siden
  • 3.21time backroud sound music name plz tell

    Sona YadavSona Yadav18 dager siden
  • Another Wow excellent

    John CJohn C18 dager siden
  • To hear someone say that your work is exceptional must feel great.

    Farisa SmithFarisa Smith19 dager siden
  • SoOoOo SATISFYING :D I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL AND I SUBBED BECAUSE ITS AMAZING! Edit: The white stuff you put on the floor mats decided to attract the dirtier parts :o Another edit: Do an extractor complimation if you reach 2.3 mil subs :)

    EriBH -_-EriBH -_-19 dager siden
  • 👌

    Ferdi IljaziFerdi Iljazi19 dager siden
  • Great video. Really nice to see it was appreciated. The guitar playing was a cool bonus. Multi-talented!!!!!!!!

    oldenbaldoldenbald20 dager siden
  • how much for the job?...

    nuril anwarnuril anwar21 dag siden
  • There must be $millions in change just being driven about!

    Rob MontierRob Montier23 dager siden
  • I’d like to know who is disliking these awesome videos!! Such amazing work! Your videos make my OCD happy 🤣

    Crystal PistolCrystal Pistol23 dager siden
  • A hummer is my dream car how dare someone destroy a beautiful car

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  • The slow mow of the blue liquid 😱🤩

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  • Low key thought it was going to be your vehicle. Haha.

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  • That woman is so disgusting that she just needed to shit on her car, how will her house be ..LOL

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  • I have the HUMMER H3T rare truck version of this & it needs a detail too & has same interior, so this was so satisfying to watch!!! I'm just going to pretend its mine :/ It looks like NEW again, so dreamy.

    iEATCANDYiEATCANDY28 dager siden
  • I'll do this for free for you, mainly the carpets, i love it.

    Chris WoodsChris Woods29 dager siden
  • Ummm, what’s the song saying at the 28 minute mark?

    Donna PetagrewDonna PetagrewMåned siden
  • Outstanding work on the Hummer, the customer was very pleased with the end result. Keep up the brilliant videos of your work.

    ritchie799ritchie799Måned siden
  • I love when this guy is like "braaaand new" when it just looks restored. 😂 To these customers its sure gonna be brand new though! 😄

    DarynDarynMåned siden
  • I thought when you pulled out those green and blue stains out of the seats and carpets looked quite colorful. I knew the green stain was from a highlighter as for the blue stain it looked like tide soap lol. Man thats crazy. Great job on the detail Mitch

    William Nowacki IIIWilliam Nowacki IIIMåned siden
  • I thought ur suppose to take the battery out? I’m also curious how does he reach the top of cars that are taller then him

    Kyky PennKyky PennMåned siden
  • Me:Waits for the same part of every video to see if the consistancy is there.... Mitch: Dumps bucket over the drain... " Gross " Every. Single. Video. 😂

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  • which wax do you use for the high gloss

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  • Sometimes feel people who own these beautiful machines have no respect for them and are just too lazy to keep it clean. I mean why turn it into a dumpyard. Love the channel and the way u work. All the best.

    Aakash MAakash MMåned siden
  • @The Detail Geek Can you divulge the cost on this detail?

    Apple SauceApple SauceMåned siden
  • Hi from Denmark 🇩🇰 you do a amazing job on the cars you get in your shop 👌👌keep up the good work Sir 😃 i enjoy watching your videos 👍😃

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  • I need to know how those shoes stay so clean

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  • BEST.CONTENT.EVER!! It’s so satisfying to watch! Awesome channel bro!

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  • She left without paying!!!

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  • That dimple in the driver door is easily corrected.

    Brubeck DesmondBrubeck DesmondMåned siden
  • You can judge the way a person is by the state of their car. The dirtier the car the lazier that person.

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  • Chris Rock

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  • What kind of sneakers/shoes are you wearing in the vid?

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  • Hi, i’ve seen in your videos that when you’re cleaning the engine bay and you’re not covering some electronic parts like alternators and stuff and flushing everything with water afterwards. Is that safe for the whole engine bay? I own a chevrolet Trailblazer can i also wash the whole engine bay with water as well? Hoping to get a response from you. I’m hooked up with watching all your detailing videos. I love cleaning my car as well.

    Erik GonzalezErik GonzalezMåned siden
  • I ordered the Bissel, and the steamer is next on my list.

    Timmy RTimmy RMåned siden
  • Dear Mitch The owner of the Hummer was the first owner who genuinely appreciated the work you did on the car. It was like a little getting a present on Christmas morning.

    Mohamed LalaniMohamed LalaniMåned siden
  • You have really great camera angles... everything looks really great

    boni palaciosboni palaciosMåned siden
  • As someone with ADHD, this is one of the only things i can really sit still for.

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    It’sNotRobloxPlaysYTIt’sNotRobloxPlaysYT2 måneder siden
    • I did but wasn’t able to improve it at all 👍🏻

      The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek2 måneder siden
  • Yıkadığın arabaların hepsi yeni model biraz da eski araba yıka da yaptığın iş belli olmasın :):):)

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    • He can’t.

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  • Okay must say does a good job and cute

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  • It really amuzes me how people forget that there is seperate thing called "Trash can" to dump their wastes.... Damn! Its really hurting to see a Humvee like that😣.... But, thats some seriously nice work you are doing. Appreciate it! I know was late to your page, but immediately subscribed👍

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  • Too bad you in Canada....otherwise I'd my car to you...its not that dirty...but could use some LOVE.... I LOVE all your gadgets you use..... They are awesome..... Way better than other videos I've seen...Props Bro...and greetings from Southern California.... The O.C. to be exact....🙌🙌🙌

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