DEEP Cleaning a Luxuriously FILTHY BMW! | Hairy Car Detailing Transformation and BMW Cleaning

29. jan.. 2021
884 715 Ganger

This BMW X1 was absolutely FILTHY on the outside and was covered in dirt, snow, and ice! The inside wasn't any better as it was full of garbage and pet hair but the transformation this nasty BMW made was spectacular and the owner's reaction was even better!
#bmw #cardetailing #carcleaning
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  • I really need to put a cowbell on Mike....sneaky little bugger 🤣 Did you see last weeks DISASTER detail yet? 👉🏻 Have a great weekend everyone!

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    • What do you do when it is snowing outside do you take the car outside to clean the floor?

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    Savannah SandersonSavannah Sanderson13 timer siden
  • My car isn't even dirty, but I just want to come to wherever you are for a detail! You are awesome and I hope that you get top dollar for your work!

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  • Your detailing skills on the BMW were beautiful.

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  • This is not a third world country. These are not cheap cars. What kind of people collects trash and dirty stuff on the inside of their cars like this???

    Alfredo AvilaAlfredo AvilaDag siden
  • He deserves what the customers pay but they don't deserve to drive their own cars that are always clean af when he's done with them. They'll do and allow the same things that get them filthy.

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  • Goes home and puts dirty dog back in car

    Frog Pond Farm & DairyFrog Pond Farm & Dairy5 dager siden
  • Our farm van is cleaner than most of these vehicles and we haul goats in it!

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  • Detail Geek and all the viewers: What do you use to clean and shine vinyl/fake leather seats? Thanks.

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  • To

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  • Just amazing!!! I loved seeing you get this white paint so clean! The clay bar and waxing was my favorite! But honestly, everything you cleaned and detailed on this vehicle was my favorite. Thank you for another awesome video!

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  • Is the owner a human?

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  • Me as a German feeling like giving myself a pat on the back for our great German engineering and craftsmanship although my lazy ass had nothing to do with that... 😐

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  • My 2009 x1 looks well better in the uk deep sea blue and differnt wheels x120d s drive manual 👌

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  • I just tried my new Bissell spot cleaner on my floor and floor mats. You make it look easy!!! I’m exhausted after doing the front seat s and wells!

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  • One of my hot ex’s had one of these. Was from Taiwan and an amazing f***. Unfortunately, the non metallic black paint on her X1 was beyond awful. I’ve seen better paint on 2010 Corolla’s...

    Speaking TruthsSpeaking Truths10 dager siden
  • He couldn't get seats off.. Thats why Had to say that.. 😂 Noob

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  • As an X1 owner this was very satisfying to watch lol

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  • how much will he charge for his work?

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  • And in less than a week of snow all the hard work will be messed up again ='). But it looks way more agressiv and classy when it's all cleaned up, you gave it back it's glory

    YamadahitomyYamadahitomy13 dager siden
  • Man if only i could take care of my car this way, i love using the presure washer too, but were i'm currently living i can"t use one or i have to go to cleaning site and pay a lot for a short time of washing it :/

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  • I have a newer BMW x3 ... I would never let my vehicle get that dirty for two reasons.. the sticker price/caliber of vehicle and self pride. The owner of this BMW should be truly ashamed.. there’s no reason for that level of negligence...

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  • The undercarriage washer is not to recommend, because the dirt is pressed in the inner of the cover. I know it, because I`m coming from Bavaria and a friend of me is an engineer of BMW, he told me that. Otherwise I´m enjoying your videos! Greetings from Germany! Weiterhin viel Erfolg und bleibt gesund! ;)

    Oliver SchmitzOliver Schmitz16 dager siden
  • Why is your drying cloth so good?

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  • OCD here. I dated a girl for a few weeks, really liked her. Then I saw her car. Filled with trash, spilled drinks, filthy. I walked away. I later found out the car was a metaphor for her life...sad.

    Nomen ClatureNomen Clature16 dager siden
  • I always wonder how much change is found when taking out the seats. I don’t take my seats out and always find tons when I clean my car

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  • Quality editing *chef’s kiss* 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  • as a German I always get so proud when you mention how high quality the carpets on German Cars are :D:D

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  • Would it be ludicrous to suggest that you offer a customer a discount for the service if you're able to film the reaction?

    Ask Yourselfs MotherAsk Yourselfs Mother16 dager siden
  • Yo question I detail too but how do keep the hair/lil pieces of cloth from ur towel from stayin on the interior when u clean ? Do u spray it with air or is it the type of towels u use for the interior? I need help

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