Deep Cleaning a Dirty BMW M3! | Full Vinyl Wrapped Car Detail and Engine Bay Cleaning!

23. okt.. 2020
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This vinyl wrapped BMW M3 is dirty and getting a full deep cleaning before being stored for winter, so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and transform this e92 M3!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Boar’s Hair -
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Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Rupes Polisher -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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  • The M3 was looking so good I didn’t want to give it back 🤣 Hope you enjoyed this one! Be sure to check out the second channel for a cool “behind the scenes” type video! 👉🏻

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek4 måneder siden
    • Try using sonax engine degreaser.

      A DA DMåned siden
    • One mil views woooow

      Hadi AsaadHadi AsaadMåned siden
    • @Sameer Ramdeen yeah take your time and do a thorough job. If you have to take the seats out do so.

      Dave CashmoreDave Cashmore3 måneder siden
    • How much to detail a car with vinyl

      Joey WhiteJoey White3 måneder siden
    • 👍

      Self RestorationSelf Restoration3 måneder siden
  • Awesome job and amazing M3

    theGOODshipCairnstheGOODshipCairns11 timer siden
  • I give you props for cleaning the cars so good I cleaned my car today I got through it but it wasn’t as perfect as you do it I’m and I’m super tired🥱🥱

    Arianna GarciaArianna Garcia5 dager siden
  • The far violin substantively muddle because comfort genomically charge with a unusual beer. mundane, soggy court

    Legit PaircaptchaLegit Paircaptcha6 dager siden
  • How many codes did you set off by detaching the battery? Lol

    Adyn DeloneyAdyn Deloney12 dager siden
  • How much is your quiment because i need like this to clean my cars

    Ghost7-_-Ghost7-_-13 dager siden
  • Der Sound Need for Speed Heat

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  • How do I get this job?! :D

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  • Anybody know the song in 1:58

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  • Why do you spray the car with soap with the soap cannon and then use a bucket with soap and water to clean it?

    gio vegagio vega22 dager siden
  • this is the 1 person i’ve seen on ur channel that actually has respect for their car!

    mj mcdonaldmj mcdonald24 dager siden
  • Don’t keep you knee on the leather seat

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  • What songs did you use and where did you get them?

    Daryl Edcel GamboaDaryl Edcel Gamboa24 dager siden
  • I noticed you steamed the idrive controller. Can that mess it up?

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  • Those floor mats are not original hence they are horrible.

    ThEASbO888ThEASbO88826 dager siden
  • That start up sound dangggggg gorgeous car if anything happened to that thing I would've killed myself

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  • Steering wheel greasy as hell though

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  • Just don't break anything hmmmm how many times have people say that to me a lot. But did I break something. Yes. It was my hand

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  • I want to know who are those 495 people that didn't like the detail? Wow seriously? This guy did a great job.

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  • Wow what a good job man. Worth every penny.

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  • Massive respect for BMW!

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  • Lol all that water in the air box tho

    Rb skids NzRb skids NzMåned siden
  • This is dedication to a passion that he loves to do. One question how long did it take you to do this full detail?

    Sheng DuhSheng DuhMåned siden
  • You should go over tires that are really dirty twice

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  • If i had M3 i would detail cleaning every day

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  • Great video & interesting detailing a wrapped car. Can I ask what product you use for leather ? I've been using Turtle Wax leather cleaner but always looking for tips & advice 👍 cheers

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  • The fact that you have to vacuum from the OTHER side so we can see the mess that you're cleaning up, is why I'm here! Thank you for bringing us this content!

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  • I bet the BMW carpet was a welcome relief from the cheaper carpets in a lot of the cars you work on.

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  • Absolutely love watching your videos, what's your favourite part of the clean process? Mines hoovering 😍 I Valet clean cars and I also have OCD so to watch your videos is so satisfying. Keep up the good work, I can only dream to have a setup like yours but congratulations on your business. I'll definitely be ordering some merchandise from your website. ✌ Piece bro

    Mack MillyMack MillyMåned siden
  • are you not affraid of breaking the buttons with the steam for the long term? 21:29 I also own a BMW like this from 2014 but I never cleaned it like this because of the electronic parts inside.

    Bas NunnikhovenBas NunnikhovenMåned siden
  • and the oscar for the car full of shit goes to owner

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  • Lmao 1minute before you saying the m3 had little space into the wheel wells I was thinking damn that's nice to be able to clean your fender liners... Lol I have 0 gap

    Anthony LeeAnthony LeeMåned siden
  • Good video and lot of details work. But you should not wash the engine after you have washed the car, you should start with the engine because of that dirt will hit the body again.

    Vegard B. FollaugVegard B. FollaugMåned siden
  • I would drive all the way to Canada just to have you detail my car...and I live in Florida.

    Alivia101Alivia101Måned siden
  • 18:47... The "red stuff" was still there. It wasn't removed. Those floormats were garbage! I can't believe how broken down they were!

    Pamela SchramkePamela SchramkeMåned siden
  • Ok. In surprised they didn't wrap EVERYTHING with a full wrap. Why would they leave the inside of the doors unwrapped?! When painting, they do thoSe areas when doing thorough painting, so why not with wrap? Leaves it looking unfinished. Definitely love the beautiful blue toned paint he covered up. Sad!

    Pamela SchramkePamela SchramkeMåned siden
  • I loved my BMW had the liner running the underside of it. It not only reduces noise but it protects so many things

    Pamela SchramkePamela SchramkeMåned siden
  • What pressure setting do you run on your pressure washer? Low, medium, max for pre-washing normal paint? Also how does that change if the car already has wax on it? Thanks!!! Love the videos!!!

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  • I would be surprised if he doesn't come back to get his car detailed before next winter

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  • This car was M3 Shit Edition!

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  • I absolutely love watching your detail videos specifically! Two suggestions: 1. You should have custom shopping bags made so you can put the contents of each vehicle in a Detail Geek logo bag and 2. Please drop the whole “Mike” shtick. It drives me nuts and it’s not what I came to your channel to watch.

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  • I think that colour is called oreant blue. At least that's what it is called an the e34. Nice job mate

    Dylan O'DonnellDylan O'Donnell2 måneder siden
  • Wraps are so damn ugly

    John DoeJohn Doe2 måneder siden
  • He SERIOUSLY said that the wrap looks better than the OG midnight blue...... im crushed...... :(

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  • I actually like the work U_U

    Salvador CisnerosSalvador Cisneros2 måneder siden
  • You know disconnecting the battery in a BMW can cause computer and system malfunctions right?

    JbJb2 måneder siden
  • Maybe it's a difference between UK and US/CA cars but my BM floor mats are really hight quality. Or the owner just bought cheap ones🤔

    Andrew PoundAndrew Pound2 måneder siden
  • I have an '08 335XI coupe. 5 years ago, I had a full 32oz convenience store fountain soda in those lousy drink holders and had to make an emergency stop. The climate control panel and stereo fascia wore the whole drink and Mountain Dew got in allll the cracks. Now, despite many attempts and methods, all those buttons stick in winter (and summer, but less so), to the point I can't depress them until the car is running and warmed for half an hour, then when I CAN, they take forever to pop back out. Thank goodness I can use I-Drive to control the heat (not the heated seats though, erggg) but....It's not my daily driver as it's a money pit, but this bugs me to no end! I keep my baby garaged and sparkling clean but this is a problem I can't seem to remedy without replacing all those expensive dash switches. Any suggestions? No, paper towel corners, every small brush I've tried, Q-Tips and toothpicks don't work. I'm losted in Maine and TDG is in Canada so I can't bring it there...yet. Anybody have experience here, tips or tricks?

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