Deep Cleaning a FILTHY Jeep Liberty! | NASTY Car Detailing Transformation of a Dirty Jeep!

12. feb.. 2021
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This Jeep Liberty was absolutely FILTHY on the outside and was covered in dirt, mud, snow, and ice! The inside was full of garbage and needed some serious deep Jeep cleaning! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I show you my satisfying process to clean this dirty Jeep, along with the owners reaction!
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  • Can you believe how much stuff I pulled out of the Jeep?! 🤣 Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the owners reaction on this one! The Jeep turned out incredible!!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek15 dager siden
    • Hi from Germany

      Liam G.Liam G.4 dager siden
    • I agree. I really like the difference and the owner's reaction too. I own the same brand, type, and year and very close to total mileage. Different color. I am not sure what would work on an old red stain for that one on the floor. I just started watching your videos last night. Thank you for sharing how to properly clean out the same type of vehicle I own.

      Regina BowieRegina Bowie6 dager siden
    • O

      adam zimmermanadam zimmerman7 dager siden
    • Wait did I see you have your Apple Watch on wail cleaning a garbage can

      Custom Boy LegoCustom Boy Lego9 dager siden
    • Only a garbage truck could possibly contain more garbage than that Jeep Liberty.

      Ted MontecilloTed Montecillo9 dager siden
  • I like the yellow fogs.

    George PulliamGeorge Pulliam3 timer siden
  • Is it Real? 😳😳😳 👍👍👍from Germany 👋

    RonnyB. -RonnyB. -8 timer siden
  • The windshield looks cracked?

    cattie705cattie7059 timer siden
  • Excited to see a fellow manual Liberty. I love mine 🥰

    Rheanna HicksRheanna Hicks17 timer siden
  • Podia ter pintado as rodas ( like Brasil)

    O Mundo é nosso!!! ####O Mundo é nosso!!! ####21 time siden
  • Detail geek I had a question do you ever clean the place where you put down when the sun is in your face when you are driving

    Haatib AliHaatib AliDag siden
  • KJ gang✊🏼

    Rekkless CCRekkless CCDag siden
  • that steamer's gotta be why ur skin looks so good

    bohn only'sbohn only's2 dager siden
  • Idk if you mentioned it before and I missed it but why do you take seats out of some vehicles and not others? Is that requested by owner?

    Kirk PerezKirk Perez2 dager siden
  • I even removed the car manual because I hate clutter and here I see mountains of sh

    Y AY A2 dager siden
  • I would have paint those trims, they look really bad .

    Donald BynumDonald Bynum2 dager siden
  • Sir what's the psi on your pressure washer?

    Jaran NachuroJaran Nachuro2 dager siden
  • Wash the engine !

    Lourenço RibeiroLourenço Ribeiro2 dager siden
  • Owner should get the steel rims resprayed, wouldn't cost much, and would match the rest of the car.

    Zanzibar2FarZanzibar2Far2 dager siden
  • how do you care for your equipment? eg, microfiber towels, brushes, machines etc?

    hope hopehope hope3 dager siden
  • What kind of pigs do you have there and drive cars? With each video, I wonder more and more about this question...

    JakoffJakoff3 dager siden
  • FYI if anyone wants to know the name of the first song it’s “Daxten- Into the clouds”

    AgAir VideosAgAir Videos3 dager siden
  • Where does he live that its so cold. It only gets to -20 Celsius where I am.

    Jackson AJackson A3 dager siden
  • This one mades me want you to do my liberty even more!

    Vanessa FransonVanessa Franson3 dager siden
  • Do you use hot water for the spot cleaner or just regular water?

    carlos martinezcarlos martinez3 dager siden
  • We need a real Jeep in there lol where are the Wranglers in Canada?

    Jovonna HayesJovonna Hayes3 dager siden
    • @Jovonna Hayes If you're driving a lifted vehicle for a purpose like off roading or for a Baja race that's fine. It's the ones who do it for the sake of looking big and bad that just adds to the stereotype.

      IKhanIKhan20 timer siden
    • Im offended lol. But I live in Texas so its pretty common to drive jacked up vehicles

      Jovonna HayesJovonna Hayes21 time siden
    • We have tons of them on the road but they're driven by douchebags who can't afford a G Class Mercedes but need that big, jacked up looking vehicle. They literally drive them to work and the store.

      IKhanIKhan21 time siden
  • Looks awesome! With metal rims, I would have bomb canned them black, offsets the rust. Nice🤙🏼

    Off-road DiscoveryOff-road Discovery4 dager siden
  • スノーフォームの粘土を、もう少し上げた方が施工しやすいですよ。。しかし、高圧の使い方は上手いですね🥰🥰 しかし、室内の荷物🧳📦 ゴミ??片付けてから洗車に出せば良いのにね

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  • ドロドロ🤣🤣🤣 泥のコーティングですね🤭🤭大変だぁ。。融雪剤もかな??お疲れさん

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  • What do you use to put on the 303? It looks like a sponge with microfiber cloth on it.

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  • Wow! This is so Awesome!

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  • Hey there, how do you clean head liners? I have heard some pretty bad delamination stories.

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  • I'd hate to see and smell there house. Just disgusting.

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  • American cars should have trash cans as standard equipment.

    Lasmamlas LosmoulosLasmamlas Losmoulos5 dager siden
  • -42° F or C cuz Jesus that's cold props for still keeping up the work and content for us and your customers your a legend holy balls

    Bmx EnthusiastBmx Enthusiast5 dager siden
  • Do you clean the whole carseat or just the part you sit on

    Julianne CoxJulianne Cox6 dager siden
  • Do you use different soaps for the foam bath vs when you go over it with the mitt?

    Dane YruretagoyenaDane Yruretagoyena6 dager siden
  • I have brought my vehicle in very seldom to have it cleaned by other people when I was working I lived in my vehicle in other words I had several changes of clothes so when I left work I could change clothes and go other places so I always had things in my vehicle but before I brought it in I would clean it out because I didn't want the garbage my garbage to have to be handled by other people I'm sorry but I am in shock that the people who bring you their vehicles do not even take their trash out not cool

    Linda CarrollLinda Carroll6 dager siden
  • Ewwww

    Swe DemonSwe Demon6 dager siden
  • I hope you would also do an engine wash. 👌 You're videos are really satisfying.

    Lester LazarteLester Lazarte6 dager siden
  • To the owner; buy some new car mats. How could these pigs not at least empty all the rubbish and contents from the interior! My guess; so in their mind they are getting better value for their detail.

    Paul AttardPaul Attard6 dager siden
  • What do you do for heating in the garage?

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  • Great owner reaction!

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  • When it’s so cold outside, how do you get the seats and carpets dry?

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  • Those Jeeps are absolute piles of garbage.

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  • Is it just me that sees the stain as a cartoon dinosaur at 21:56? Nope, okay just me then...

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  • Hmmmm only just got notification for your last 2 vids

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  • Can you put Lofi music please

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  • I’m so curious. How many microfiber towels do you go through on an average car let alone a car this filthy?

    Shari ZimmermanShari Zimmerman7 dager siden
  • If i didn't clean my car myself i'd let you do it, good work

    redneckasian_redneckasian_7 dager siden
  • Do people not realize that if they cleaned the crap out of their vehicle beforehand it would be less of a bill for them? Personally I would probably give my vehicle a quick internal clean including a vacuum before I had it detailed. "Bunny hug" always makes me smile 😆. Many years ago I live up in Golden in the Rockies. The temp would get down to -40F and -50F for weeks at a time. Shoveling snow was a tough job back then and I would be down to my shirt sleeves in no time. Never has my skin freeze though. To bad about the rusty old rims on there.

    Toby GathergoodToby Gathergood7 dager siden
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  • Good videos, Mitch... How often do you find yourself having to snake the line from your garage drain to the sewer main? With the amount of muck that you suck out of the seats and carpets, I'm thinking that it probably doesn't take long for all that gunk to build up and start to clog the pipe. Thanks.

    InvestorGuy66InvestorGuy668 dager siden
  • Clicked so fast when I seen you would be cleaning a jeep!!

    outlaw ladyoutlaw lady8 dager siden
  • I couldn't even tell for sure what color this Jeep was at first haha. Love these details!

    MikhalaMikhala8 dager siden
  • I can understand that the exterior might be dirty. However what kind of people do such mess inside... How their home must look like than? Is it even possible to have some joy , or even feel at least comfortable sitting in such sh**? maaan...

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  • 8:23 the owner wants to be cast on final destination

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  • Came out incredible. Just wish it was within budget to spray paint the rims atleast. And a new windshield is definitely in order. But all in all, great outcome.

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  • Tbh.... the Jeep was relatively okay compared to other cars showcased on this channel.

    Adhy NugrohoAdhy Nugroho8 dager siden
  • So ya know thats not a 2005 .. its a 2006 or 2007, they didnt have that front bumper style until then ,2005 is totally different ..but WOW did you make that jeep look as good as humanly possible nice job man , and tell that customer i have factory aluminum wheels for that jeep $100 plus shipping..

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  • Do you rinse the boar's hair brush in better changing surfaces ie. window trim, gas cap, etc.?

    Travis JonesTravis Jones8 dager siden
  • I would add another 50-100 dollars for severely trash filled cars. Maybe that way, people won't take advantage of the detailer as he HAS TO CLEAN ANYWAYS. Bringing a car in this sort of state speakes volumes about the customer I'm afraid.

    Yannick J.Yannick J.8 dager siden
  • I would totally ship my car half way around the world to just get you to detail it. 😂 I live in South Africa so it would be very far😂

    Kelley JudelsohnKelley Judelsohn9 dager siden
  • I'm still shocked everytime you're finished with a car. They always come out looking like they just rolled off the showroom floor. Many blessings peace positive vibes thoughts and energy your way.

    Scarlett SantiagoScarlett Santiago9 dager siden
  • Do you use any silicone on door seals to prevent them from frozing after wash?

    Arnas BabrauskasArnas Babrauskas9 dager siden
  • Is it me or does he not get wet when detailing cars?!

    Fury_OverscoreFury_Overscore9 dager siden
  • How much did u charge for this?

    Al SAl S9 dager siden
  • where do you get those drill brushes???

    nahir khannahir khan9 dager siden
  • this guy has inspired me to think about opening a business like this in a few years time.

    nahir khannahir khan9 dager siden
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    Ol OlOl Ol9 dager siden
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    Ol OlOl Ol9 dager siden

    Ol OlOl Ol9 dager siden
  • I learn so many cleaning details while watching these. As well as super relaxed before going to sleep.

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  • Watching this channel just makes me wanna clean my car and my car isn’t as dirty as the cars on this channel

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  • Hey so my truck has leather seats I work with horses so mud, dirt, dust, etc. and I really have hard time keeping them clean. I wash and at least definitely clean the interior once a week so it stays clean as possible and looking good. I really want to try the leather products you have in description but do I need both? LOVE THE VIDEOS! Tired of only seeing high end and van vids. love the truck vids so love the channel

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  • I had the (almost) same Jeep for about a year and did a complete interior make over (all seats stained badly). Liked that thing a lot, but replaced it with a '02 Silverado.

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