Deep Cleaning a Girl's DIRTY Car! | Muddy Pressure Washing and Detailing Transformation!

18. des.. 2020
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This Hyundai Elantra was a FILTHY mess and was absolutely COVERED in dirt! The transformation this car makes after some muddy pressure washing and deep interior cleaning was incredible!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Lilly Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Pump Sprayer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Rupes Polisher -
Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
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Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Adams Ceramic Spray -
Carpet Solution -
Folex Spot Remover -
Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Glass Cleaner -
Mirror Glaze Sealant -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
Car Wash Soap -
Adams Mega Foam -
CarPro PERL -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Drill Brush -
Lilly Brush -
Undercarriage Washer -
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Detail Brushes:
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  • This is dirtier than my dads car. Which he hasn’t cleaned for over 3 years.

    Greg AlwaysBoredGreg AlwaysBored3 timer siden
  • It’s so satisfying watching him vacuum 😩

    Daniela CastroDaniela Castro2 dager siden
  • Aaa araba beyazmış

    Ismail BulbulIsmail Bulbul3 dager siden
  • We love coins way too much here in Canada. At one point I had almost $27 in loose change in my centre console

    Gordon SlamsayGordon Slamsay4 dager siden
  • Nicely done

    Greg DosseyGreg Dossey6 dager siden
  • You ever do under the hood on these vehicles?

    Casey KovarikCasey Kovarik8 dager siden
  • Its shame that hyundai is constructed in Czech Republic. Hyundai is incredible shit.

    Marek LukášMarek Lukáš8 dager siden
  • Try Dura for the tires

    Kensley DouglasKensley Douglas8 dager siden
  • Great job Mitch. Hyundai looks new. Great video. take care and have a great day.

    Ron VanRon Van8 dager siden
  • I never seen the sun visors/mirrors being cleaned.. or the ceiling of vehicles. That would be so helpful if I can see that. I have kids and the majority of weird back slashes on the back ceiling drive me nuts.

    Chantelle TaitChantelle Tait9 dager siden
  • Shut engine cleaning videos

    Chaitanya SutarChaitanya Sutar9 dager siden
  • Что это за грязь,которая просто водой смывается...ощущение что это комп.графика

    Роман ГречишкинРоман Гречишкин10 dager siden
  • 5.77$ is my guess

    AJ SmithAJ Smith10 dager siden
  • 13:25, who tf enjoys sound of vaccum cleaner?

    ThefakezoroThefakezoro10 dager siden
  • I have a question for u honestly if they ask u what do u work ? u answer car washer or youtuber ?

    ThefakezoroThefakezoro10 dager siden
  • £8.34p

    Michael PeckoverMichael Peckover11 dager siden
  • At first I couldn't even tell if the wheels were grey or silver -_- Also I had a red elantra just like this one but mine was a coupe.

    random car guyrandom car guy12 dager siden
  • He should be sponsored by Puma because of how much he wears that brand of socks xD

    Avery HughesAvery Hughes13 dager siden
  • I would say about 30 dollars all together but I not counting the Canadian coin so yea!

    Ana Miramontes De Ugalde!Ana Miramontes De Ugalde!13 dager siden
  • So is mike a real person or ? Sorry I’m a little slow 🙄

    Foe P Eff MarMarFoe P Eff MarMar16 dager siden
  • $6.37

    Jessica StandsJessica Stands16 dager siden
  • I wonder how much was this???

    ericka mirandaericka miranda17 dager siden
  • This was the type of detailing I was looking for when I paid 400 for it. Instead it was crappy and when I washed my car on my own I would do a better job. I wish you were closer!

    Sharen OrtizSharen Ortiz17 dager siden
  • me thinking he spent days working on it " and after 8 1/2 hours" SHOOK

    Sasha MarieSasha Marie17 dager siden
  • His video are sooo satisfying

    Mikayla ShawMikayla Shaw18 dager siden
  • So satisfying to watch

    Megan StewartMegan Stewart18 dager siden
  • i know it's the whole point of his job, but i would be so embarrassed to hand my car over to someone if it was that dirty ahahah

    Emma ThomsonEmma Thomson18 dager siden
  • hi my friend ask you why you wash with soob?

    Magdi l مجديMagdi l مجدي19 dager siden
  • this random man from canada does not know me at all but i need his vids to sleep most of the time. thank you 😰

    Avery DonnerAvery Donner20 dager siden
  • I once collected all the spare change in my car, and there was a lot of quarters and dimes so I thought, oh I probably have like $30 here! Took it to the coin sorter machine....$72!! Couldn't believe it. Those were back in the days when I actually carried and used cash.

    Tara DianeTara Diane20 dager siden
  • Speak brother. Congratulations on the channel, I love your videos ... Which pressure washer do you use ???

    Alã MaretóliAlã Maretóli21 dag siden
  • When I'm done with this video, I'm subscribing to your other. I'm on really on Instagram and as soon as my stupid FB ban is over, I'll be able to like and videos there, too.

    Rita FayeRita Faye22 dager siden
  • Just found your channel this week. Love your videos!

    Rita FayeRita Faye22 dager siden
  • The sad thing is no one cares that the car is that dirty... I mean I would die if I give my car to someone and it‘s that dirty... and the sadest thing is there are a lot people coming with even more dirty cars in my service station 🤮🤮🤮 people pls wash your cars yourself it’s disgusting

    Chelsea CFCChelsea CFC23 dager siden
  • 외국 채널에서 엘란트라 세차하는 영상을 보게 되다니!

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  • Dumb question here. Doesn't the contaminate you pick up on one area cause problems with the rest of the paint? How many passes can you make with just one clay bar?

    48reb48reb24 dager siden
  • What solution are you using for the carpet ? I see you have a couple listed in the description

    Watch At Ur Own RizkWatch At Ur Own Rizk24 dager siden
  • Do you use anything in the bus sell spot clean professional ? Is it just water ? Or a solution ?

    Watch At Ur Own RizkWatch At Ur Own Rizk24 dager siden
  • The car before the clean already looks better than my dad's car

    윤성민윤성민24 dager siden
  • $3.25

    Amy HebertAmy Hebert24 dager siden
  • $13

    doobie demsssdoobie demsss24 dager siden
  • imagine him cleaning up a murder scene

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  • who else wonders how much water bills he has after 1 car or how much money he spends on water

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  • are you native ?

    psychodoll xopsychodoll xo25 dager siden
  • i really wanna know if mike is real

    baileybailey25 dager siden
  • I’ve never seen a detailer do what you do... removing pieces, parts, panels, seats, etc. What would be the cost of the amazing work you do?

    Lisa LanderLisa Lander25 dager siden
  • 근데 저정도 더러우면 도장면에 고착화 되서 고압수 뿌려도 저렇게 안닦이는데 고압수만으로 다 떨어져나가네? 더러워진지 얼마 안된 차인가

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  • I feel like this people doesn't deserve a car

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  • 17.68 Dollars

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  • Avante MD

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  • Seeing this car gets cleaned is utterly satisfying ❤️

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  • 5:46 cents

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  • Warking dead..?

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  • Thank you very much for this great video and for providing us with the equipment used Greetings to you from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 👍

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  • This is very satisfying and I don't compliment lightly. Very good Job 👍🏽

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  • How can someone be so disgusting with their car !!!

    vidyashankar kumarvidyashankar kumar28 dager siden
    • Cuz its a female LMAOOOO

      Kamilah VisualsKamilah Visuals27 dager siden
  • I get that crumbs will get in hard to reach places but you'd think a person could toss their McDs bags before taking the car to get detailed 🙄

    Cassandra GCassandra G28 dager siden
  • If only you had your own business or travel business in America then I would literally only trust you with detailing my car

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  • That trunks like a clown car... never ending

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  • 25

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  • The first car with no scratches but the driver is a Girl . Unbelievable

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  • That’s an awesome Hyundai

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    Aniket 28Aniket 28Måned siden
  • After just 7 minutes of watching this I realized why people trust you with their vehicles. You are truly an expert who takes a lot of care in what they do. Excellent work.

    The Philippines for UsThe Philippines for UsMåned siden
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