Cleaning My SUPER MUDDY Ford Raptor! | Full Exterior Detail of a Filthy Muddy Truck!

31. juli. 2020
3 976 640 Ganger

I took my Raptor out to play in the mud and I brought my cameras along so you'll get to see all the muddy action, and like all dirty things, it needs to be cleaned so enjoy my relaxing and satisfying process to transform this Raptor back to a BEAST!
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  • There’s really nothing better than having a freshly detailed truck! Loving how good the Raptor looks! 😍 If Mike steals my truck to go mudding again, he’s gonna be on garage clean up duty for a month! 🤣

    The Detail GeekThe Detail Geek7 måneder siden
    • @Marianne sereno A disaster

      ꧁ Akane Draws ꧂꧁ Akane Draws ꧂Måned siden
    • @Mowingman816 انا احبك حبيبي

      حسين الحازميحسين الحازميMåned siden
    • @حسين الحازمي ??

      Mowingman816Mowingman816Måned siden
    • @Mowingman816 انا احبك حبيبي

      حسين الحازميحسين الحازميMåned siden
    • Nice truck!

      Mowingman816Mowingman816Måned siden
  • Fairly new to the channel. I was wondering who is Mike?

    Ramon VillaRamon VillaDag siden
  • I could watch this all day 😂 dream truck🥰😋

    Dakota ShowalterDakota Showalter2 dager siden
  • Hello nice video, maybe it would be better if you spray water on the wheels and the wheel covers before the body for it to soften. By the time you get to those muddy parts its easily comes off

    Bernard KamauBernard Kamau3 dager siden
  • I wonder what's behind those fender flares, I remove me every few months to clean behind that, you'd be surprised how nasty they are

    Dan GriffinDan Griffin4 dager siden
  • I only have to say give me this truck. It’s my favorite I love it. Give me plz😍

    grebixx _grebixx _5 dager siden
  • Looks like your neighbors van could use a good rinse though 🚿

    Heather HowardHeather Howard6 dager siden
  • Amazing raptor. It’s sooo cool

    lil.killer1lil.killer16 dager siden
  • you should check out the 2021 Shelby Raptor

    Mark BrownMark Brown7 dager siden
  • You could do the ads for the Raptor!

    xxThatGirlKayxxxxThatGirlKayxx7 dager siden
  • I think I saw a look of shame on the red suv in the neighbor's drive way 😄😉😄

    Linda MeagherLinda Meagher8 dager siden
  • Are you located in the United States?

    Imperfect 2 PerfectImperfect 2 Perfect8 dager siden
  • Kind of piss me off when he said he's gonna take it back to the mud again lol

    Slave Knight GaelSlave Knight Gael9 dager siden
  • Wow, the longest Pre-Wash in the History of your Channel, right?

    Tommaso SiriguTommaso Sirigu9 dager siden
  • very nice car sir hope to have one day sir

    Jiazhen LubosJiazhen Lubos10 dager siden
    • Yeah me too

      Osean air defenseOsean air defense9 dager siden
  • You’re spare tire is installed backwards/incorrectly

    Ryan WerrellRyan Werrell12 dager siden
  • I'm curious as to why you didn't de-mud the truck outside in the driveway... PS: gotta love ceramic coatings! All three of my vehicles (2006 Mustang GT Premium, 2014 Edge SEL AWD and 2019 Ranger XLT 4x4 Crewcab) are coated.

    Ron AyotteRon Ayotte12 dager siden
  • And today on pointless things to do: take your car out, make it filithy for no reason, "play in the mud" for some reason (I thought only girls fight in the mud), and then clean it

    TardeliTardeli12 dager siden
  • Tbh i think the raptor is the 2nd best truck after the Dodge ram

    El DiabloEl Diablo12 dager siden
  • I have found the shiny black plastic panels in the doors get swirl marks just looking at them wrong. What have you found that keeps them glossy?

    whoop0001whoop000113 dager siden
  • i be waiting for ol mikey to help out great videos friend love it

    Quonte GloverQuonte Glover17 dager siden
  • Hello there, just wanna know what kind of spray you used cleaning your raptor sir. How much it cost & where to buy? Thanks & more power to you

    John BernalJohn Bernal17 dager siden
  • Will he clean under the hood too?

    Darlene ShriverDarlene Shriver17 dager siden
  • That truck is a beauty 😍

    Black HawkBlack Hawk20 dager siden
  • DG: Yeah i took my Raptor into mud yesterday, it was a lot of fun... Me: *looks at crispy clean Raptor* Where it was? Walmart parking lot? :D

    aeliaraeliar20 dager siden
  • That is one bad ass looking truck. Raptors are so freaking nice and they are amazingly capable off road machines. it’s just a shame they cost as much as a small house . There is something very rewarding about cleaning your truck taking off roaming and covering it in mud then cleaning it and making it shine again. It’s rewarding just watching someone lose do it too. Very nice truck it is a good way to reward yourself for all your hard work. Keep up the good videos

    I can’t Say whatI can’t Say what20 dager siden
  • Detailing very nice detail

    Mouza AlaliMouza Alali20 dager siden
  • The was you wipe the car, makes it an art.

    MD Rakibul HassanMD Rakibul Hassan21 dag siden
  • leave it dirty i did muddy offroading 2week ago and its muddy still now Its beautiful But its wrapped

    Tronix GamerzTronix Gamerz23 dager siden
  • A truck is like a dog trustful

    Tronix GamerzTronix Gamerz23 dager siden
  • This truck actually looks amazing and is making me want to save to get one too. What a badass car.

    anabuiraanabuira24 dager siden
  • I feel like my car gets more mudd on it

    ddgbaq idkddgbaq idk24 dager siden
  • Already cracked his windshield😐

    Andy SchroederAndy Schroeder24 dager siden
  • What shocks u running

    Alpha GamerAlpha Gamer25 dager siden
  • It would be good to take the wheels out one by one. This way the wheel gets a lot of attention, the car gets every spot cleaned and he would be able to spot any damage. As a customer I would be very happy. This channel is by far the best terms of cars being cleaned

    Dan GagiuDan Gagiu26 dager siden
  • I’m sorry if you received this question, but do you dilute Meguiar’s leather cleaner or use it as is? And would it be ok to use my my vinyl leather seat?

    Brian SekBrian Sek26 dager siden
  • They probably didn’t expect the camera 7 seconds in to immediately get covered in dirt

    BruBru26 dager siden

  • Not knocking anyone who likes that kind of thing, but I ~hate~ when car manufacturers put big ol’ decals on an expensive vehicle. But rant aside, nice job! 👏

    redmanishredmanish27 dager siden
  • yo if you need an editor or anything so your swipes and everything are on the drops hit me up ill do it for free just tag me, message me and we can talk.

    kevin kurtuskevin kurtus28 dager siden
  • Wait min how come the front of your hood doesn't beads off like the rest of the truck 🤔

    Kevin MerazKevin Meraz28 dager siden
  • Okay, more vids of you GETTING your truck muddy!

    Thea DesertMinx ReadThea DesertMinx Read28 dager siden
  • My jeep gladiator every weekend 😂😉😂

    Niousha NaderiNiousha Naderi28 dager siden
  • What kind of pressure washer do you use? Also where can I find that angled sprayer?

    MogerGuitarMogerGuitar29 dager siden
  • Love your truck

    Dontresa MurphyDontresa MurphyMåned siden
  • #BlameMike

    ꧁ Akane Draws ꧂꧁ Akane Draws ꧂Måned siden
  • Hats off to you and your work I couldn't bring it to myself to take a raptor out in the mud I'm too much of a clean freak my new ranger is a pavement princess

    Paul PetersPaul PetersMåned siden
  • fordRick ?

    Ardany AMArdany AMMåned siden
  • Mike sure likes taking the Ford raptor for mud wrestling 😂 Maybe next time he should help you wash it Mitch 😆😂😂

    William Nowacki IIIWilliam Nowacki IIIMåned siden
  • Shmexy

    Lauren SchuesslerLauren SchuesslerMåned siden
  • Love how you clean your customers car the same way you clean your personal car. Shows how good your business ethic is

    Happy go luckyHappy go luckyMåned siden
  • Can u tell us exactly what ceramic coating you used for the paint and plastic parts? And did you do it yourself or did you send it somewhere

    MafresitaMafresitaMåned siden
  • Truck is beautiful 🤩 it’s now my dream truck

    Detrick TurnerDetrick TurnerMåned siden
  • If I'm not mistaken this raptor costs about 100 grand

    Abel AlvaradoAbel AlvaradoMåned siden
  • 👌🏻 Oof got love shiny red paint cars ❤️

    QueerCowBoahQueerCowBoahMåned siden
  • trx gang where you at

    ahmed abdelmalekahmedahmed abdelmalekahmedMåned siden
  • Vc é muito bom

    Alessandra RodriguesAlessandra RodriguesMåned siden
  • Que pena que saiu a Ford do brasil .agora não vale apena comprar mais agora às peças vai ser importada. que tem carro importado sabe quanto é caro e demorado importa peças...

    Marley MarquesMarley MarquesMåned siden
  • I wish i can have this pick up.

    AdlerAdlerMåned siden
  • Is it just me but he does it on purpose

    C KingC KingMåned siden
  • What kind of sweat pants r u wearing?

    eyang7eyang7Måned siden
  • I love watching your videos. You do a great job. If you didn't live so far I'd bring my truck. I really enjoyed this

    Chrisa DixsonChrisa DixsonMåned siden
  • Vous gaspillez 2000 litres d'eau pour nettoyer un pick up que vius zvrz VOLONTAIREMENT sali ??? Et les USA veulent donner des leçons au monde !!! Gardez Trump et mourrez tous de la Covid...

    R ThévenetR ThévenetMåned siden
  • I'm more curious about the condition of the walls, do you have water resistant treatment on them?

    VelvetEagleIVelvetEagleIMåned siden
  • This is SO satisfying keep up the great work!

    REALSupermariotylerYT plushREALSupermariotylerYT plushMåned siden
  • Which high pressure washer do you use? 😀

    vmorten1vmorten1Måned siden
  • Why you cleaned your truck inside the garage😂

    Friends and RoadsFriends and RoadsMåned siden
  • how many hours it took you to make your raptor like that?

    Christos MourosChristos MourosMåned siden
  • Loved the owners reaction in this one

    Jack WallisJack WallisMåned siden
  • Your videos are very satisfying. Keep it up.

    Snowballfire 99Snowballfire 99Måned siden
  • Hey bro they make heavy duty black plastic aftermarket wheels well covers I really recommend them to keep your paint looking good

    402 SHO402 SHOMåned siden
  • bro which Background music is this

    Akash AcharyaAkash AcharyaMåned siden
  • When pressure washing a vehicle, is there an amount of pressure not to go over?

    Anthony MorrisAnthony MorrisMåned siden
  • Try pre wetting the wheel liners before pressure washing it'll help loosening of mud & will come easily afterwards

    ajay kalkalajay kalkalMåned siden
  • Que hermosura está chata... Una lástima que a la argentina no lleguen todavía!!

    Lucas FernandezLucas FernandezMåned siden
  • I got a 2020 ford f- 250

    Evelyn BeckEvelyn BeckMåned siden
  • okay but like no hate why did we need to know everything about the truck we came to see him wash the truck not to for him brag about his truck and how it functions you’ll can hate all you’ll want but seems to me he was doing more of a brag then a wash detail

    Edgar RoblesEdgar RoblesMåned siden
  • I wish I have a car🥺

    Jhoye VillaruelJhoye VillaruelMåned siden
  • Do you clean under the hood? And can we see a video of how

    Pam ThompsonPam ThompsonMåned siden
  • How much did u charge yourself

    Macie AllenMacie AllenMåned siden
  • Watching your channel from 1 million and I am not tired I love your video

    Rayyan khanRayyan khanMåned siden
  • CES 2021

    natylogi lopeznatylogi lopezMåned siden
  • Let me give you some tips on how to clean your truck faster. Wash it and don’t mud it again.

    Hi WeHi WeMåned siden
  • Anyone notice how his windshield is cracked on the passenger side?

    Deni KovacsDeni KovacsMåned siden
  • Anyone else get the sudden urge to wash the shit out of their truck at 2am?

    Noah TaylorNoah TaylorMåned siden
  • Anyone know the song at 13 mins?

    CinnaBunnyCinnaBunnyMåned siden
  • Aaahh but it’s a Ford

    James ScottJames ScottMåned siden
  • 18:10 he says "f**k off punk"

    cheekee boicheekee boiMåned siden
    • He says something with a M not the f word

      Hetkumar PatelHetkumar PatelMåned siden
  • 1:05 there is a heart lmao

    StefanutzStefanutzMåned siden
  • 🤙

    Sky DogSky DogMåned siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't use soap tho Oh he did

    KalebツKalebツMåned siden
  • I never knew whatching someone clean there car whould be so entertaining

    sxpreme lordsxpreme lordMåned siden
  • These videos are soooooo satisfying

  • Me everytime I clean the under of my car the brake start to have a sore throat when it's egine on🤣

    PantherPantherMåned siden
  • It's such a beautiful truck...!!!😍😍😍

    Kaustubh ThakurKaustubh ThakurMåned siden
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    Иммиграция в Америку!Иммиграция в Америку!Måned siden
  • Hi, How much bars is your water pressure. A very awesome workdone brother.👍👍👍

    syed shahbazahmedsyed shahbazahmedMåned siden
  • That Ford rust really gonna hit this raptor hard

  • Very boring

    Al sayyed CurumthaulleeAl sayyed CurumthaulleeMåned siden
  • It's very relaxing 😄

    Mr. KARAKUŞMr. KARAKUŞMåned siden